We were invited to design the signing for investment firm BlackRock's new headquarters building in the City of London. Architects YRM had designed elegant and understated interiors and allpointswest were asked to design suitably restrained wayfinding signs.

To ensure flexibility, we used the HB Modular Sign System (MSS) for the main wayfinding signing, finished in matt black 'suede effect' Nextel paint. The signs were printed using direct to media digital printing.

By far the largest part of the signage package cost was the workstation signing for BlackRock's extensive open plan desking. The desks were arranged in clusters, facing each other and divided by a half-partition. We realised that if we lifted the workstation signs so that they sat on top of the half-partition, the signs could be double sided and BlackRock would require only half the quantity of signs, making a considerable saving.

To achieve this, we commissioned a bespoke extruded aluminium bracket that could be retrofitted to the desking and held the MSS paper insert wallets.