Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

For Maidenhead town centre, we developed monolith sign designs with an 'open span' structural frame which holds tempered glass graphic panels.

Graphics were digitally printed and reverse fitted to the panels. The sign has opening doors so that the graphics can be updated on site, without re-glazing. A key feature is the translucent panel which has a ripple effect, intended to represent the Thames and underline Maidenhead's close proximity to the river.

This feature proved difficult to achieve using conventional casting, within the budget. However, we came across a recycled plastic material called 3Form that is available in sheets at the right size and thickness and had the 'ripple' effect we were looking for. The 3Form product uses a sophisticated film layering system to produce a wide rage of colours. This ticked all the boxes and, as it was a sheet material and didn't require fabricating, it could be squeezed into our budget.

We went on to design a fingerpost that included visual references to the monoliths.