Royal Free Hospital

The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead was quite difficult to navigate. There are; multiple entrances, long windowless corridors and critically, lifts and stairs that only go to certain floors. To make navigation more challenging, the hospital has been undergoing extensive redevelopment.

After familiarising ourselves with the building and how it was used, we concluded that the key to the success of any wayfinding strategy would depended on getting people to use the correct lift or stair to reach their destination.

To achieve this, we went back to first principles. At building entrances, we listed all destinations by lift and by floor and additionally as an A-Z list. We also listed all destinations, broken down by floor, ateach lift and stair core.

We introduced strong directional signage to each lift and stair and highlighted high footfall destinations using colour.

We specified the Monoline paper insert sign system as the hospital has access to in-house digital print facilities and could produce their own inserts cheaply and quickly to templates we provided. Following installation, the scheme was tested, which concluded that 96% of people found their destination quickly and efficiently.