We're Independant
Although we know the sign manufacturing industry inside out, we have no formal relationship with any sign manufacturing contractor.

Many companies who offer signing consultancy are in reality sign manufacturers who make their money from selling signs. This may be a conflict of interest.

We're Transparent
We don't sell signs. This keeps our relationships very clear cut. Some sign design consultancies extend their scope of work to include the supply of signs. We feel this may also be a conflict of interest.

We offer a Complete Service
We don't stop at design intent. We have a sound practical understanding of mechanical processes and materials. Many wayfiding consultants lack engineering experience.

We can create 3D modelling in-house. This gives us the flexibility to test designs prior to prototyping and work out complex shapes and configurations.

We are Creatively Balanced
Jonathan & Alan have contrasting but complimentary skills. Alan will focus on wayfinding strategy and information handling and Jonathan will concentrate on the engineering and cost planning elements. We constantly push each other forward.

We are Team Players
Although we offer a turn-key wayfinding service we also fit into project teams. We enjoy the creative process of turning concepts into practical designs.

We are Poachers Turned Gamekeepers
We have extensive experience in sign manufacturing. We know the shortcuts and specific loopholes where signing contractors may look to value engineer or down-specify. We are confident that our market knowledge can achieve better value for money tender returns.

We Manage the Procurement Process
We can produce airtight tender specification packages that will negate potential 'cost creep' and future proof clients against cost increases or the impact of suppliers going out of business. We can manage the complete tender process, culminating in a report and recommendation to provide an auditable paper trail.

We Understand 'Day 2'
Signage is an ongoing process, it doesn't finish at practical completion; departments relocate and people come and go. We don't disappear after the signs are installed. We are available to support clients and will put in place procedures and tools that will help keep signs up to date and in good condition.

We're 'Hands-On'
We're practical people, ours isn't a desk job, we attend site and visit suppliers and contractors. We're always on site on day one of an installation. We have a workshop where we can trial designs and make a range of prototypes from same-size 'look & feel' 1:1 models to operational pre-production prototypes.

We Take Clients Along on the Journey
We firmly believe that design is a collaborative process and seek to develop concepts closely with clients, usually through briefings and workshops.